Who Do You Love
"Who Do You Love" is a painting by Frederick Morgan. It has always been a favorite of mine; as it captures the roughness of the sea and the warmth of an old captain’s heart.

The mission of Unwind Charters is to create a fun, exciting, and educational adventure that you and your family will remember for a lifetime.

Many of my fondest memories are of family vacations in Florida as a boy. I remember like yesterday the warm, sunny days on my uncle’s boat; fishing and swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, catching my first shark and King Mackerel.

The thrill of catching fish that were so powerful, the clicker on the reel would scream on the first run; the heavy rod bent over so far I was sure it would break. Always accompanied by the smell of suntan lotion and the refreshing taste of ice-cold, cut melons and fruit when the heat began to peak.

There was so much excitement; looking down into the clear blue water for large fish and schools of bait, spotting sting rays jumping high out of the waves, and dolphins running alongside the boat.

Giant sea turtles were a Joy to spot, as they only surface for a quick breath. The many species of large birds and sea creatures; my uncle knew practically every one by name.
I love these memories and you will too.

– Capt. Bruce Roemer